Reacting to Keith Olbermann’s racist rant against Russians. My reaction to Keith Olbermann losing his mind on fictional Russia Collusion.  


The DNC violated American democracy, not Russia. The DNC are the real traitors to our country. Hillary Clinton and Debbie W. Schultz committed voter fraud against Bernie. They should be in jail. Instead of focusing on the real criminals, our media scapegoats Russia for domestic woes.

Rachel Maddow is a Xenophobe Against Russia.

It is official, the corporate Democrats are officially engaging in McCarthyism to hide their true flaws. Hillary Clinton in her new book basically blamed Russia and Bernie for her loss in 2016. And the mainstream "liberals" at MSNBC and CNN, primarily Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes have gone along with this fact-less accusation. However, Rachel … Continue reading Rachel Maddow is a Xenophobe Against Russia.