So-called “Progressive” Ana Kasparian, War Mongers on Fox Affiliate.

Ana claims to be a peace-nic, yet, when President Trump proposed to stop our war games near DPRK last week, she joined in on the outrage of CNN and the rest of the main stream media and blamed Trump for essentially making us weaker, and making S. Korea look weak. Yes, that's right, we've come … Continue reading So-called “Progressive” Ana Kasparian, War Mongers on Fox Affiliate.


Eco Technology Inc. offers fake jobs and conducts fake interviews to seem like business is growing. Don’t fall for their scam.

Eco Technologies Hiring Scam Exposed.

Iraq Veteran Tulsi Gabbard opposes potential war with Syria. Where is Bernie?   The amazing Tulsi Gabbard opposes all out war with Syria. NO WAR !

Valentina Lisitsa faced persecution by the West and Ukraine for speaking the truth. Valentina Lisitsa explains how she was targeted for character assassination by the west due to her rational and honest commentary on Euromaidan.