TYT defends NATO, a warmongering Institution.


NATO continues to build up more and more troops in the Eastern Europe in order to antagonize Russia. As the Independent Reports, “The Baltic states, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria are hosting soldiers from across NATO’s 28 member states, with more than 7,000 troops deployed in countries bordering Russia….. In Latvia and Lithuania, around 1,200 troops from Canada and Germany (respectively) are deployed alongside forces from across Europe”.

Trump and NATO

Trump threatened to leave the NATO agreement during the G7 meetings and he has called for the U.S leaving NATO in the past. Both of which are excellent ideas for world peace. The U.S has no military rivals in the world and there are no rogue nations that threaten Europe any longer. NATO was built up militarily primarily due to the threat from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union no longer exists and therefore a threat to Europe and America does not exist either.

Putin wants peace in the world, unlike the Western powers, who continually antagonize Russia militarily and want to be provocative toward Russia no matter what. This is mainly because these war hawks are getting money from military contractors who make a lot of money when Americans are scared of the evil Russians, which leads a valid justifications for an increases in the military budget.

TYT’s Anti-Russian Hysteria fueled by their Anti-Trump Hysteria.

Cenk and Ana did a segment where they suggested that leaving NATO would be horrible and that Trump worked for Putin, these are all ridiculous clams with no evidence, of course. TYT’s irrational hysteria toward Trump is clearly demonstrated in this story. If Trump actually leaves NATO, it would be a great thing for America and Europe, and we might have a chance for warmer relations between Russia and the West.

TYT have let their hatred for Trump and Putin, blind them to what is best for the world and how we may achieve world peace, or as close to it as we can get. It is a shame to see a great group of progressives fall so far from grace due to their irrational hatred of Trump.

To see my full commentary on their video click here.



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