So-called “Progressive” Ana Kasparian, War Mongers on Fox Affiliate.


Ana claims to be a peace-nic, yet, when President Trump proposed to stop our war games near DPRK last week, she joined in on the outrage of CNN and the rest of the main stream media and blamed Trump for essentially making us weaker, and making S. Korea look weak. Yes, that’s right, we’ve come full circle now, from FOX NEWS screaming about everything Obama does as the end of the world to liberals now doing the same. So called progressives have turned into nothing but Trump Hysteriacs. Which loses them all credibility with me.

Link to Ana’s appearance is here. The relevant comments start around 2:16.

Ana also claims that stopping these military exercises makes South Korea unsafe and makes it seem like America is turning our back on our ally. Well, that is just ridiculous because South Korea wants peace with North Korea. How is dong military exercises going to help the peace process? It makes logical sense to first stop all aggressive actions before grounds for a lasting peace can truly be set. This would be obvious to Ana, if she weren’t blinded by her irrational hatred for Trump.

I am a true progressive and therefore not a supporter of Trump, but I am rational enough to admit when someone does something good, even if I disagree with them. Trump did something no other president in the last 50 years has been able to do. Even though South Korea led the way for this peace process, Trump deserves some credit. Just the photo-op of a U.S president shaking hands with the leader of DPRK is significant progress in itself because it furthers the process of bringing DPRK to our global civilization. It shows the North Korean people that America is open to peace and stopping the war.

Let us remember that just in 2016 the DPRK and China offered a peace deal to America but they refused it and continued these provocative war games. As usual America expected DPRK to give up everything to us before a deal could be reached, which is an insane expectation. It is because of our hostile violent actions against people like Gaddafi that DPRK are unwilling to give up their nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un think if they give up their nukes, the U.S will invade and overthrow him as we did in Libya.

(Link: U.S. rejected North Korea peace talks offer before last nuclear test: State Department.)

As usual the U.S and it’s allies are the ones that cannot be trusted. We must also keep in mind that the U.S(+allies) killed off 20% of the North Korean population while the Korean war was going on. We bombed and destroyed every city in North Korea. (source: Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before.) This might be why they are so hesitant to just give us everything we ask. As far as I am concerned we set up the circumstances for a dictatorship to take form in the DPRK by our hawkish actions. Just another example of U.S interventionism destabilizing a nation. But, Ana has not learned a thing from any of this or she is unaware of it and wants America to be more war-like, instead of letting the Koreas decide their own fate.

Ana is not a progressive on issues of foreign policy. She has advocated for increasing tensions with Russia, China and now North Korea. It is amazing how partition hackery can destroy a well meaning person.



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