Eco Technology Inc. offers fake jobs and conducts fake interviews to seem like business is growing. Don’t fall for their scam.

I Interviewed with Eco Technology on the 15th of May, 2018. I had all the required qualifications and then some. The job required no experience and I had about 4 years of face to face customer service. The interview itself went well. I had a great rapport with the hiring manger (Andrew) and he told me that the job was all but mine. He told me that I would be contacted the week after the interview to start training for the “Site Assessor” Position. I was extremely excited because I actually wanted to start working for them and I believed in their mission to cut down on green house gas emissions from household appliances.

A week passed and I received no calls. I waited 2 days and I called them back and asked to speak to the Hiring Manager and they told me he is not available. I called two more times and was told the same thing. The day I called them, they took down the advertising they had on

The advert for the “site assessor” position was gone for the rest of the month of May. And now, out of curiosity I checked for jobs at Eco Technologies and behold the “Site Assessor” position is hiring again.

Their new ad as of June 9th: (screenshot)

Link to original ad: HERE.

Here is the ad I applied for in May: (It is no longer available) (Link Here).


Now, let us think logically here. If I and all the other candidates they interviewed miraculously did not fit the roll advertised (a role which requires no experience !) then why take down the ad? You would leave the ad online until the right candidate was found, but they did not do this.

I believe this is a scam that failing businesses use to seem as if they are actually growing because job advertising is a sign of growth for growth analysts. This is an insidious scam that HR Departments engage in and I am writing this to expose this cruel and immoral behavior.

I and many other new graduates who are desperate to find work will go to these interviews thinking that if we answer all the questions correctly and present a confident, resourceful personality then we have a fair chance to get hired. They use our desperation to save their incompetent, failing companies.

This is a Public Service Announcement to all who live in Encino, CA and surrounding cities to be aware of this company and their fake hiring adverts. Don’t fall for their scam.

If you have been affected by this scam, let me know in the comment section and join me in reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, so that they can conduct an investigation into this unethical company.


If this article gets enough view and attention to elicit a comment from Mariya Zecevic the CEO of Eco Technology, I am sure they will pretend that I am a failed angry job candidate with no proof for the allegations I have made, but they would be wrong. I have contacted other candidates who interviewed for this position and none of them were hired either.

Stop treating people with such callus disregard and stop your hiring scams.


Why Post Fake Jobs?

If you want a full explanation as to why companies post fake job postings, check out Deniz Sasal’s explanation on the subject (Sasal’s video is here). He is a successful business consultant for a multinational firm and has experience with such scams during his time. He has caught some of them himself. I was fortunate to run into his video and realize what Eco Tech and other failing companies were doing. I will be writing future articles on companies who are engaging in this deeply immoral behavior, if I can find proof of it. Stay tuned and let me know about your experiences with such scams. Be vigilante in your job search and keep your eyes open for scammers.


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