TYT’s latest story promoting war with Russia.

This is TYT’s latest failed attempt to prove Russia Collusion. As their prior attempts, it was an utter failure. First, I am no fan of Trump; as a progressive who voted for Jill Stein. I despise his policies and his history of sexism. I believe Trump is one of the dumbest people to have ever lived and should not be president of a kindergarten, let alone a country. That being said, I care about facts and disproving lies no matter who they are directed against.

Link to their Video: Click Here.

So, let us begin, the story is that some Trump aide suggested that we pull our troops back from the Baltic prior to Trump taking office to soften relations with Russia. John Iadarola suggests that this is evidence of collusion and that the suggested removal of troops is a favor to Putin. Well, let us look back in history, oh right, Reagan and Gorbachev had an agreement where we promised Russia that we would not expand beyond East Germany after Unification. Blatantly violating this agreement, America has been expanding NATO for the last 60 years, to a point that they are directly threatening Russia by stationing troops in Poland’s border with Russia. If Trump did remove troops from the Baltic nations, it would be one of the best things he had ever done. And as liberals who pretend to love peace, TYT should be happy, but because they have an emotional hatred toward Putin and Trump, they are so blinded to the larger picture. But this story is pointless any way because Trump never listened to this aide’s suggestion and our troops are still amassing in Poland. So, even in their own crazy conspiracy world, they have no proof of collusion.

Next, John makes the point that we should not pull out troops because Putin would annex the Baltics like he did with Crimea. *HUGE SIGH* really? we’re still pushing this Crimea nonsense? Crimea was part of Russia for more than a 1000 years and was given away to Ukraine as part a deal by Khrushchev because he had an affinity for Ukraine. It is Russian land with a majority Russian population. The reason the Crimea crisis started was because the CIA was funding white nationalists in Ukraine and pushing them to plan a coup against the Russian friendly president of the time. America started and built up the circumstances where Ukrainians started killing Russians in Crimea because they saw them as outsiders. Putin stepped into to protect the Russian people who were being ethnically cleansed. As the U.S would have done if Americans were being systematically being killed off for being Americans. Then, because of this conflict the Russians in Crimea wanted to join Russia again to avoid further bloodshed in the future. They had a fair election where they voted on a referendum to join the Russia Federation. This called democracy at work. And to the chagrin of all the Russophobics like TYT and the CIA, the people of Crimea CHOSE to legally come back home to Russia.

As usual, TYT engages in outright lies and propaganda to gaslight their audience about Russia and Trump. I am not a fan of either Trump or Putin, but I actually care about the accurate facts, journalistic integrity, and I don’t want America to go to war with Russia. More troops increase the possibility of armed conflict with Russia, which also increases the probability of nuclear war. TYT seems to be perfectly okay with escalating military tension with another nuclear armed Nation as long as they increase their viewership by pushing false attacks against Trump and Putin. Shame !

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