New York City files suit against the largest Oil Companies for Climate Change related damages.

According to statements by the New York city government, New York City is suing the world’s five largest oil companies in the world for “present and future damages to the city from climate change”. The specific companies named in the lawsuit are BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell. The city government claims that the suit is valid due to the fact that these companies are responsible for 11% of all green house gases, released through their products. It was reported by Scientific American (Read full article) that Exxon Mobile knew about the devastating effects of climate change but they never took any precautions about it. They chose their profits over the health of the planet, which directly affects American national security and global stability.

As I have detailed in my research report on “Why Congress Refuses to act on Climate Change“, climate change fuels resource deficits all around the world through floods, famines, droughts, and other extreme natural disasters that impact the stability of national economies, which leads to civil unrest and and eventually leads to war through a number of avenues. When people don’t have the bare necessities to survive like food, water, and shelter, there is mass migration, and when too many people move from small cities to a larger city, eventually that large city will be drained of it’s resources. This leads to civil unrest, as we have seen since the Roman times, and what we end up with is chaos and rioting among the citizens. New York, as well as all other densely populated cities, should be worried about this possibility. LA is also planning to sue the these companies according to this LA TIMES article. All reasonable scientists and experts on this issue believe we need to shift away from carbon based fuels and switch to renewable ASAP, if we want to have a viable planet for our children to live on, and suing these corporations out of existence is a great strategy to accomplish this noble goal.


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