If Oprah runs in 2020, she will lose, just like Hillary.

The corporate Democrats in the DC establishment have not learned a single useful lesson from their jaw droppingly embarrassing defeat to a clownish game-show host in Donald J. Trump. They extracted the most childish and wrong headed lesson of all, which was “If they can do it, so can we”, enter Oprah Winfrey, a celebrity with a history horrible political stances to take the crown away from Trump. Oprah is another empty shell with pretty platitudes and no substance, much like Obama, who promised change in the way Washington works but ended up getting paid off by the banking industry and war corporations to keep the corporate funded American Empire marching forward, crushing workers under their thuggish oligarchic boots.

So, why is Oprah a bad choice? Well, given the fact that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America overall at 61% approval rating, and 85% approval rating in among Democrats, lets see if Oprah measures up to his policy positions. Bernie is against more wars in the middle east and he was against the Iraq war. What was Oprah’s position?

“Kristol, who is a far-right war hawk, is one of Oprah’s most vocal supporters, as a lot of his recent tweets have been supportive of Oprah. Although Kristol is critical of Trump, Kristol is critical of Trump because Kristol is an actual right-wing extremist instead of an incompetent crook like Trump is. Kristol is no progressive, he never has been a progressive, and he never will be a progressive.” –DailyKos

Oh that’s right, she aired pro-Iraq war on her live show watched by millions to help the Bush administration sell an illegal war. On this count alone, she should be disqualified from presidential consideration.

Here is Oprah in October 9, 2002 promoting a war that killed 100,000-400,000 Iraqis and 4000+ Americans. She was all in with Bush and promptly shut down a guest in her audience who dared to have doubts.

Oprah has not made her position clear on single payer health care, which is at 62% approval among the American people. Bernie Sanders is actively proposing single payer bills. She has not made her position clear on universal higher education., Bernie is for it. If I had to guess from her business friendly pro-corporate and pro-authority mindset, I doubt she would be for any of these policies that would help the average American. She is definitely not for getting money out of politics because she herself is a billionaire and if she wins, it will be because of money that she even has a chance against Bernie. Sanders is vehemently supportive of getting money out of politics.

So, why are so many corporate Democrats and neoliberals in love with Oprah running? Well, it’s because she presents a the best excuse they have for the preservation of this dysfunctional capitalist corporate state. They want so badly to believe that capitalism works for all people, not just the rich. Oprah is black and had humble beginnings, but she made it to the upper 1%. It’s the kind of story corporatists love, one out of a million people in poverty made it to the big times, so therefore capitalism works and the others who don’t make it just don’t try hard enough; that is the conclusion they are so desperate to draw, and Oprah helps with that.

The truth is capitalism only works for the rich, as it always has, and everyone else lives as a perpetual underclass. Capitalism has decimated the middle class in America and Europe and has enslaved the third world countries by making their citizen work in American factories for slave labor. Oprah embodies the failed neoliberal ideology very well and that disqualifies her from running.

If she does run, she will lose to Bernie Sanders in the primary, but even if she beats him because the DNC rigs the election against Bernie, like they did last time, she will lose to Trump. Populism always wins in a time of economic distress. Trump will hammer her with all the things that he hammered Hillary with. Oprah supported Hillary in 2015, so Trump will tie NAFTA and TPP and every other policy Hillary supported to Oprah and he will sink her. Whoever she loses to is irrelevant, the point is another neoliberal corporatist like Hillary, Oprah, or Kamala Harris will never be president again. Americans are sick of Clintonian neoliberalism and triangulation; they will not vote for candidates representing those values. No matter how much name recognition Oprah has, she hasn’t got the rights policies to win a presidential election, and she has no qualifications to be president either. The verdict is she will not survive a Democratic primary let alone a general election.



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