Corporate Democrats shamefully attack Whistle-blower Patriot Chelsea Manning after she announces her bid for Senate.

After being imprisoned and tortured for 7 years by President Obama for the crime of having a conscience and being true to her oath and our constitution, Chelsea Manning has decided to run for the Senate seat in Maryland on the Democratic ticket against sitting senator Benjamin Cardin. A centrist corporate Democrat who probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word progressive. He has had no significant achievements in his political life. He has done nothing for the people of Maryland. No one outside of Maryland has even heard of him. Except when he co-sponsored a deranged bill to criminalize the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement organized by supporters of the occupied Palestinian struggle against Israel. A bill which failed, as it should have. However, as with any gang, the Democrats are protecting him because he is one of their own, and Chelsea might bring some much needed change to that seat with her votes, and they just can’t have that. Democrats only want team players who bow down before their corporate masters; outsiders who might want to look out for the best interests of their constituents are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

Here is Manning’s campaign ad:

Leading the charge against progressives like Manning is the corporate robot in chief herself, Neera Tanden, who has been a loser her whole life and has supported the most pathetic loser of American History, Hillary Clinton, when she lost the presidency to the orange clown Donald Trump. Neera Tanden should have left twitter by now, if she had any shame, but none of these corporate stooges even know the meaning of the word.

Tanden retweeted a crazed conspiracy theory on her Twitter on January 14th about Mannings bid, claiming it was somehow a undercover Russian operation and Putin was the one pulling the strings. As you can see from this picture: 

Has this “John Manning” got any evidence to support such preposterous claims? Of course not. Who needs evidence nowadays? You are allowed to blame everything you don’t like about the world on Russia, thanks to the McCarthyist atmosphere created by the Clinton Democrats and media figures like Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow is one show away from claiming, live on air, that she got ticketed for double parking yesterday but she knows that the cop was secretly working for Putin. This is the comical level that this Russia xenophobia has reached, and now it’s being used by the so called “socially liberal” party to attack a trans woman who is a whistle-blower that exposed the war crimes of our government. Neera Tanden is always the first in line to attack real agents of change, but everyone else will follow her example and attack Manning as the 2018 primaries approach. Case in point:

John Schindler is a democratic strategist and consultant and is also pushing the “Manning is a Putin agent” angle. He has no evidence for this claim, not even some sound logic to back up his line drawing. For the corporate Democrats anyone who questions the ridiculous and baseless conspiracy theory that Putin is somehow controlling American elections and Trump are automatically accused of being Russian spies. If this Anti-Kremlin report had a strong evidentiary basis, why do you care who runs against Cardin? They would be defeated on the basis of the facts right? oh that’s right this report had nothing more than vague claims and anonymous unverifiable sources, just like the “Steele Dossier”. Hence, why no one has gone to jail or even been brought up on charges. Nevertheless, the corporate Democrats still cling on to blaming Russia because it allows them to talk about anything but policy. Hillary lost because she abandoned the working class of this country by not supporting single payer healthcare, universal education, Living wage, ending the wars etc., you know, actual progressive policies that would make the average American more prosperous and secure. They are willing to throw Manning and everyone else under this Russia bus, as long as they can keep serving their corporate masters and shift attention away from the real problems facing America.




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