NBC joins Rachel Maddow in her Xenophobic attacks on Russians.

I have previously written about the racist and bigoted overtones used by Rachel Maddow in her reporting on the so called, “Russia Collusion” story, but now NBC has joined in on the fun. I guess they saw how much fame and money Rachel has gotten from her xenophobic attacks on Russia and wanted a piece of the action for themselves. They tweeted this tweet on Jan 10, 2018:

Here is a link to the video if you want to watch it in full: Click Here.

The question that must be asked is why do this report anyway? Why now? Can it have something to do with the new Red-scare that is going on now in the main stream media? The answer is OF COURSE !

This is a consorted effort by the media, most likely at the behest of the CIA or some other organization that wants to resurrect the cold war with Russia. ISIS has been defeated, Iran doesn’t scare Americans like they used to, and North Korea is drying up, but we still have enough irrational baby boomers alive to scare them about the Communist Ruskies taking over America. It wasn’t a mistake that they chose to do a story about how Russian women are giving birth here in America to make their children American citizens. This is an age old tactic used by dictatorial governments to spread fear among their populous about how the enemies are infiltrating their country by having more children here. It creates a paranoid feeling among the people in their audience, who have bought into the Anti-Russian narrative that the enemy is among us. Then, when the American people are sufficiently fooled into being scared of Russia, they can increase the military budget, making private contractors and war corporations, who basically run the military now, very very rich. Media corporations like NBC, CNN, and MSNBC all make billions of dollars from perpetuating this fear through their high rating, because fear sells, and the military corporations make billions after said fear spreads. This is how the game is played. What they never think about is what happens if this escalation leads to a real war? Well, that’s not a problem for these immoral rich people, because our military is made up of mostly poor people who join because they have no other way to afford college or a decent future. The children of these corporate CEOs and executives are never personally affected by war; we know Rachel Maddow won’t be joining the Army, risking her life. Hence, why she is so ready to start wars in as many countries as possible.

War = More private profits = Rich people getting richer while poor people die in other countries !

What is interesting is that when Donald Trump talked about revoking birthright citizenship during the campaign trail, all the pundits on CNN, NBC, and MSNBC were calling him racist and condemning his statements, but now when it’s convenient for them to make an issue out of Russians having babies here, it’s totally okay to say these kinds of things. Whether it’s against Mexicans or Asians OR RUSSIANS, it’s still bigoted and xenophobic. Where are the journalistic standards that these news agencies are supposed to have? I am starting to think that hypocrisy is not in the vocabulary of the mainstream media.

Please don’t be fooled by these transparent attempts to spread fear among us. Russians are the same as us; they are human beings who are trying to give a better life for their children. Don’t let these corporations fool you with their propaganda; designed to elicit a fear response from you and make you more likely to support a war with Russia. My best advice to my readers would be, don’t watch the mainstream media when it comes to this Russia issue, because all they have are lies built on speculations to get us into more wars. I don’t know about you but I am sick of America being at war. I am ready for some damn peace !

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