Rachel Maddow is a Xenophobe Against Russia.

It is official, the corporate Democrats are officially engaging in McCarthyism to hide their true flaws. Hillary Clinton in her new book basically blamed Russia and Bernie for her loss in 2016. And the mainstream “liberals” at MSNBC and CNN, primarily Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes have gone along with this fact-less accusation. However, Rachel Maddow is the worst culprit by a country mile; she is only a few steps away from calling for the mass imprisonment of Russians everywhere. Links will be provided at the end of this article to all of her most Russo-phobic propaganda.

Why Hillary actually lost the Election

Hillary Clinton lost the election against Trump because she presented no plan of palpable change to the working class of America. Her husband’s NAFTA and Obama’s TPP crushed her chances of winning in the rust belt (Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) which were the key states that swung the election in Donald Trumps favor. It was her inability to buck her corporate and banker donors/friends that lead to her demise. Wallstreet and multinational corporations are extremely unpopular among the America people, especially the Democratic Voters, and Hillary was seen, accurately I might add, as the representative of these corrupt financial interests. So to put it bluntly, Hillary lost because she is a corrupt oligarch who pretended, unconvincingly, to be on the side of the workers. Add to that the fact that the Democratic Party in general has distanced themselves from blue collar workers and instead opted to cater to the DC/New York/ Silicon Valley professional class in their policies. Is it any wonder that working people are abandoning this party by the thousands? Of course not; it’s a direct result of neoliberalism.

Rachel Maddow’s Xenophobia

There is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that Trump colluded with Putin to win the election. Not one. Every single “breaking news” segment that the mainstream media has aired about this so called “collusion” turned out to be nothing. Their principle claim was that the DNC was hacked by Russians during the 2016 election and John Podesta’s emails were leaked as a result and this lead to Hillary’s downfall. Well, let’s break that claim down; firstly, did the DNC let the FBI inspect their servers and confirm this so called Russian hack indeed took place?…. No. In fact the FBI asked to do so, and the DNC refused to let them do the inspection, as THE HILL reported. Which shows that they are opportunists who simply want a scapegoat for their miserable loss against Trump. Secondly, were the leaked emails factually false? No, no one has suggested this. In fact , the DNC admits that the emails are legit. So, they are angry that the electorate got to see the inner workings of their organization, which revealed that the DNC chair rigged the primary against Sanders and Clinton herself had dealings with Russia and that Bill Clinton took million of dollars from speeches to Russian banks and financial deals while Clinton was Secretary of State. These are all facts in evidence that are undeniable.

Yet, Rachel Maddow spends more than 50% of her shows taking about all the deviant ways that the Russians undermined American democracy, suggesting at some points that it was, “international warfare”. Hinting that the U.S should respond in kind. All of this focus on the so called “collusion” for the last 8 months has added up to big fat nothing. No one has gone to jail and no clear evidence of collusion has been presented. Yet, Rachel continues to fear-monger about the evil Russians. Here is an example of the so called liberal host promoting nuclear war with Russia by saying, “Here’s the question – is the new president going to take those troops out? After all the speculation, after all the worry, we are actually about to find out if Russia maybe has something on the new president? We’re about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what Russia wants once he’s commander-in-chief of the U.S. military starting noon on Friday. What is he going to do with those deployments? Watch this space. Seriously”. She is speaking about NATO’s illegal amassing of troops along the Polish border threatening Russia militarily. As horrible as Trump might be on other issues, if he pulls those troops out, it would be a sign of deescalation and peaceful coexistence between the two nuclear powers of the world, but apparently for Rachel Maddow, peace is not acceptable if Trump is the one who brings it about. But, she was proven wrong, because Trump never moved those troops out. So did she stop her Red-scarring tactics? Nope, she simply moved on to the next conspiracy theory with no evidence at all.

(If you are interested in reading up on all the details about how much Rachel actually talks about Russia, The Intercept has a great article documenting it. Click Here)

Why is Rachel a Xenophobe? Well, all of her commentary is based on the idea that if anyone has ever been seen with a Russian in their life, then that person is a threat to America and everyone should hate them. She pursued this line of attack against Jill Stein, one of the most peaceful and kind people to ever live on this planet. Jill dared to attend a political panel in Russia where Putin was present, and therefore she colluded with Russia and she is working with Trump and she is a treasonous monster, according to Rachel Maddow. These allegations are ridiculous and false and Stein has made her side clear, but due to the McCarthyist frenzy created by people like Maddow, the a Senate committee has called on Jill Stein to testify to prove her innocence and that’s where the McCarthyism comes in. This is exactly the type of tactics that Joe McCarthy used in the original Red-scare. He would accuse someone, with no evidence, of being a Soviet spy and investigate them and put them in jail with falsified evidence. Or he would simply wield this threat as leverage to silence people. Looking at these xenophobic conspiracy theories, it seems Maddow has turned into the Glenn Beck of the corporate Democrats, as writer Caitlin Johnstone has stated.

Why is Rachel Doing This?

Simply put, MONEY! After she started on this path of McCarthyism after the 2016 election, she has risen to the coveted status of #1 Cable News host. When Rachel Maddow started as a host on MSNBC I used to love her. She was a real progressive holding the feet of both Republicans AND Democrats to the fire, when they betrayed the American people, but now she has become a water-girl for the corporate Democrats. Her show is the left’s equivalent of FOX NEWS. She simply toes the corporate line of the oligarchy to keep what remains of the Democratic Party subjugated and uninformed about how horribly the Democrats are treating them. That is the kind of corrupting influence that a $30k a day paycheck will have on even the most progressive of news hosts. Capitalism corrupts even the best of us, by making us culprits to it’s propagation. If this neoliberal feudalism of the two parties and the 1% collapses, then Rachel will lose all her wealth, so she goes along to get along. If that means that we end up in a nuclear war with Russia, and billion of people die, well Rachel is just fine with that, as long as she gets to keep that expensive apartment in Manhattan, New York. Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

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